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    Black Scorpion - Dark Shadow 150ml (5oz)
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    The Dark Shadow ink by Black Scorpion is an ink used for shading in the areas where darkness is needed but a black ink would be too dark, which enhances the tri-dimensional effect in realistic works. The shading ink Dark Shadow by Black Scorpion has been formulated to have the same composition as the other Black Scorpion inks but with less pigment, so that it penetrates the skin better than any mix you can make with distilled water or other media. When you do shading by mixing ink with water or any other liquid component that is not the Mixing Solution, you are reducing the proportion of pigment, but also of all other ink components that help the ink penetrate the skin more easily. This means that, once healed, the tattoo doesn’t lose any intensity, because what was used was a whole ink and not a diluted version of it.

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