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    Overview New .TOEC Thermal Tattoo Stencil Maker Portable Printer

    .TOEC Thermal Tattoo Stencil Maker Portable Printer (TATPRNT)

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    TOEC Thermal Tattoo Stencil Maker - Portable Printer Voltage:DC 14V 6A Printer Port: USB2.0 Resolution: 200dpi x 200dpi Dimension: 11.14 x 2.32 x 15.16 inch / 28.3 x 5.9 x 38.5cm Color: Brushed Gold
    Overview New ABA Cartridge Grips

    ABA Cartridge Grips (ABA-CG)

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    American Body Art Disposable Cartridge Grips 30mm with drive bar 20pcs

    ***Please note this grip will not fit the Inkjecta Flight Nano Bar***

    Overview New Anchored Stencil Solution

    Anchored Stencil Solution (ANCH-STN)

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    A good tattoo begins with a good stencil. After years of development and testing, Nikko Hurtado would like to present Anchored. Using his years of knowledge and a few years of trial and error, we are confident that we have come up with a stencil solution you are going to love. Anchored Stencil solution will produce clear, crisp lines so your stencil is a more accurate representation of your original drawing. Just as importantly, the stencil will stick for hours as you perform your work, relieving you of having to worry about how the last line of that stencil is going to hold up.
    Overview New Atsui Thermal Image Paper x 20

    Atsui Thermal Image Paper x 20 (ATSUI)

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    Atsui Thermal Stencil Image Paper x 20pcs 8.5"x11"

    This paper has 3 layers.

    Thick purple carbon.

    The stencil goes onto the skin easily and stay throughout the whole tattoo session.

    Overview New Critical Atom X Power Supply

    Critical Atom X Power Supply (ATOM-X-CR)

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    Critical Atom X Power Supply

    Overview New Perma Blend Eyebrow Kit

    Perma Blend Eyebrow Kit (PB-EBK)


    Back in Soon

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    Perma Blend 6 Color Eyebrow Kit 15ml

    The perfect Starter kit to a perfect eyebrow

    Burnt Sienna - Chocolate Kiss - Darket Brown - Forest Brown - Fudge - Taupe

    Overview New S8 Red Stencil Paper

    S8 Red Stencil Paper (S8-RED)

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    S8 Red Stencil Paper 100 Sheets/Box

    Nothing short of revolutionary: S8's RED Stencil Paper is the world’s first impact and thermal ready red colored tattooing stencil paper. For years, tattoo artists have intuitively known that red is the ideal stenciling color for light skin tones thanks to the fact that red provides greatest degree of visual separation when black-lining. However, stencil paper manufacturers have been unable to produce a thermal machine-ready red paper. Until now. A patent-pending blend of FD&C and D&C approved red colorants that are safe and approved for use on all skin types and mineral and vegetable waxes means unparalleled tattoo stencil performance.

    Overview New Tattoo Armrest Tripod

    Tattoo Armrest Tripod (T-ARMREST-2)

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    Tattoo Armrest Tripod on Swivel